October 20, 2021
Blackwell Ruiz Injury Law Firm are top rated Phoenix personal injury lawyers

Blackwell Ruiz Accident Attorneys went from 0 to 20 plus leads a month.

About the Client

Blackwell Ruiz Injury Law are top rated Phoenix personal injury lawyers.

The Problem

When we started our journey with Blackwell Ruiz Injury they were a newly formed company. So there was a lack of exposure and no organic presence. Therefore itwas imperative that we create new Google Ads campaigns to drive leads.

Our Solution

Our strategy was to drive new traffic, however due to the high CPCs in the Injury Law industry we’ve had to be very selective with the keywords that we choose. We set out to build all new PPC campaigns to target relevant keywords and setup tracking. To battle the high CPCs we have also implemented Facebook remarketing to improve visibility and drive form fills.

Client Endorsement

"Impressive understanding of our business, has meant we've seen exponential increases in the number of leads from the beginning of the campaign. I would highly recommend."

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