May 29, 2023
Tally Market

Achieving a ROAS of 11 from their search campaigns

About the Client

Tally Market: The go-to platform for finding your ideal workspace! They connect companies with thousands of offices, meeting rooms, and coworking spaces.

The Problem

Tally Market were looking to improve the return of their Google Ads campaigns, they were finding it hard to see the real return of each campaign and keyword.

Our Solution

We undertook the task of restructuring their campaigns and implementing API conversion tracking via Segment and ensured that the value was pushing through. Following the activation of the new Google Ads campaigns, we observed a significant increase in the number of conversions and were able to set up value-based bidding strategies. This led to a ROAS of 11 coming from their search campaigns. Additionally, we have helped to implement tracking for their Meta activity and the remarketing campaign ensured that we stay top of mind and drove additional revenue.

Client Endorsement

"The CPA dropped significantly during the project and we test a lot of great campaign ideas etc. Very pleased with the results."

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