January 6, 2021
Get Perki, Orange County's Top Plastic Surgeon

The number of leads increased by 85% and the CPA decreased by 15% for the same budget in just 2 months!

About the Client

Orange County plastic surgery patients rate Dr. Klicker as one of the state’s most skilled plastic surgeons for a wide range of procedures, from breast augmentations to butt lifts and everything in between, voting him one of the highest rated surgeons on sites like RealSelf.

The Problem

Get Perki’s PPC campaigns were driving a high cost per acquisition. This was down to the lack of structure, multiple networks were included which meant there was surplus traffic that was of low quality. 

The ad extensions were not being utilised to their full potential therefore impacting the quality score of an account.

Our Solution

Our solution was to restructure the campaigns to ensure the keywords compactly grouped, we had great synergy between the keyword, ad and landing page. This helped to decrease CPC’s and improve the conversion rate.

Lastly we freshened the creatives up and implemented all the possible extensions to ensure there is a higher chance of a CTR. The new campaigns made it easier to optimise and bid up for the relevant audience, therefore driving positive performance. 

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