January 6, 2021
Majeroni Orthodontics Bay Area's Top Orthodontist

Increasing the number of consultations by 25% in the 1st month with the same budget.

About the Client

Majeroni Orthodontics is widely recognised as one of the country's (US) top orthodontist. 7 years of experience in orthodontics, Dr. Majeroni has helped hundreds and hundreds of patients achieve bright, beautiful smiles through a combination of exceptional patient care and a commitment to efficient, effective treatment plans.

The Problem

Majeroni’s campaigns were geographically too restricted which meant that it was driving a low amount of traffic to make any adjustments. The ad groups had too many creatives and a lack of structure in the ads. The ads also had their USPs missing which was impacting the CTR.

Our Solution

Our solution was to rebuild the campaigns and set the geo targeting to a 5 mile radius for the broad terms such as ortho. Also to ensure we don’t miss out on any traffic, we had a second tier of campaigns targeting terms with the location included and the geo set to target the US. We have also created a set of new ads with a variety of messaging of which we ran tests and improved the CTR. This had a knock on effect on the number of consultations being booked.

Client Endorsement

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