January 6, 2021
Uptown Puppies is the internet's #1 Puppy Finder

The number of puppy inquiries increased by x3 in just 2 months of management!

About the Client

Uptown Puppies is the internet's #1 Puppy Finder. The website solution connects people looking for a puppy with ethical, vetted dog breeders and companies.

The Problem

The Google search campaigns were lacking a clear structure and had a combination of the wrong match type. This had an impact on the overall account performance as there was a lack of control.

Prior to joining us Uptown Puppies didn’t have a remarketing strategy.

Our Solution

Our solution was to restructure the whole account to ensure the budget is spent efficiently. The keywords were grouped according to the match type and theme. This ensured that we control and the spend was allocated towards the action driving keywords.

To fulfill the sales funnel we have also recommended to run a GDN remarketing campaign to ensure Uptown Puppies stay top of mind. This positive impact on the overall result.

Client Endorsement

"He gets my clients leads for cheap and they have a massive ROI on ad spend. What else could you want?"

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